LAMISE SHAWAHIN, PH.D., is an assistant professor in the Division of Psychology and Counseling at Governors State University. Her research centers on exploring risk and resilience factors among ethnic and religious minority individuals within the United States. Shawahin has published and presented on issues related to Muslim mental health, health disparities, cultural competence, counseling considerations for diverse populations, anti- Muslim prejudice, and social justice. She completed her doctoral training in counseling psychology at Purdue University. Shawahin completed her pre and post-doctoral clinical training in American Psychological Association accredited training programs at VA hospitals.





Dr Shawahin

Dr Shawahin presents at the 10th Annual Conference in Washington DC on the topic, "Perceived Discrimination, Community Support and Depressive Symptoms among Muslim Women."

Dr. Lamise Shawahin, PhD

Dr. Lamise Shawahin, PhD shares data on HPV screening among Arab American Muslim Women, a group often invisible in the data at the 11th Annual Conference in Tempe Arizona.  " Cervical cancer is a disease no one should die from. It's extremely preventable ."

lamise farha bunmi

In recognition of recently obtained doctorate degrees, Dr. Farha Abbasi presents Dr Lamise Shawahin, and Dr. Olubunmi Oyewuwo-Gassikia with flowers at the 9th Annual Conference in East Lansing, MI in 2017.

Alia Azmat, Kashmala Qasim, Lamise Shawahin

At the 11th Annual MMH Conference, a powerful panel of women amplifying the voices of our community through their data, from left to right Alia Azmat, Kashmala Qasim, Lamise Shawahin

2018 Muslin Mental Health Conference

Muslim Women & Domestic Violence Panel

Lamise Shawahin PhD - Perceived Discrimination, Community Support and Depressive Symptoms among Muslim Women

Sarah Mohr MSW - Protective Factors in Muslim Women’s Mental Health