6th Annual Muslim Mental Health Conference (2014)

2014 MMH group
2014 dingell

Congressman John Dingell was the keynote speaker at the 6th Annual Conference.  Some of the key subjects to be addressed this weekend: Promoting Access to Mental Health Care, Challenging Stigma in the Muslim Community, Eliminating Barriers to Seeking Services, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training for Imams & Community Leaders, State of Muslim Mental Health Panel!

Representative John Dingell (pictured on the left of Imam Elahi) addressed the morning session of the conference. 

Rep Dingell

John David Dingell Jr. (July 8, 1926 – February 7, 2019) was an American politician who served as a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1955 until 2015. A member of the Democratic Party, he holds the record for longest-serving member of Congress in American history, representing Michigan for more than 59 years. He most recently served as the representative for Michigan's 12th congressional district.  Rep Dingell was a great support of mental health efforts.

halim and friends

“I’ve always believed I am a walking PowerPoint. I want you to write three things down. Respect. Reconciliation. Resilience. People who look like me made it okay to be Muslim in the United States.” - Dr. Halim Naeem  

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi who participated in the morning session was welcomed by the organizers, Dr. Jean Wright (on the left) and Dr.  Halim Naeem (on the right).

Abbasi Dingell

Rep Dingell and conference organizer Dr Farha Abbasi

Sen Stabenow and Dr Abbasi

Senator Debbie Stabenow was a keynote speaker at the conference, as she is a firm advocate for mental health.  Stabenow voted for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in December 2009,] and she voted for the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. She also sponsored S. 2257, the Excellence in Mental Health Act.